Smile goes a long way here when it comes to business

Jan 5, 2023

The United Arab Emirates, or rather the entire Middle East region, seems to beincreasingly more attractive for Czech companies. but how does business work over there?We spoke about that and more with Pavel Foubík, president of the Czech BusinessCouncil Dubai and Northern Emirates (CBC)

As far as lifestyle and running a business is concerned, how does Dubai (or the Emirates) differ from other countries around the Persian Gulf?

It is quite similar. I do not want to step on any toes, so let me just say that some countries are a bit ahead, while others are a bit behind. That is the only difference, or rather, everything else stems from that. Although, there is one more thing – the differences are quite noticeable based on who the given country took advice from historically and how. When you live here, you can see clearly where there were British advisors, where there were American ones, and where none at all. Of course, there is the religious aspect as well. Based on religious tolerance, you can also tell which countries opened up to the rest of the world sooner, which ones later, and which ones barely at all.

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