With great pleasure and pride we are going to present you with the first ground/breaking publication that CBC has ever released.
As you have already heard past year was such a vast success in CBC’s history and saw such a turbulent development that we felt it was about the right time to put all these achievements on paper and mark our first anniversary.
We’ve started to discuss the idea of a members’ directory around Xmas time with a very ambitious goal of presenting the fresh directory to you tonight. At that time we had only a faint idea of what we were about to go through. Next months were filled with endless discussions, arguments, litres of coffee, smart ideas, not so smart ideas and finally just a few weeks ago we were able to say - this is it.
The first CBC Membership directory 2016/17 is ready.


We would like to take this opportunity and on behalf of the CBC Board I would like to thank all of you who contributed in any way to this publication. We have done it with you and for you.We gave our whole heart into it and hope that you, our members and partners, will use it as a representative tool for further boosting your business in the UAE.
Special thanks go to all supporters of CBC Membership Directory.
On the slide bellow you can see a little fact sheet related to the directory just to illustrate what the publication is about.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention and now I would like to give floor to … to officialy launch the Directory.